30 Beauty Tips Every Teenage Girl Should Know

How to Find Your Foundation Shade

The next time you’re at the mall, find a makeup counter and try some of their different shades. When doing this, keep in mind that the skin on the back of your hand is the closest match to the skin on your face; so it’s the best place to find a match if you’re not wanting to apply lots of different shades on your face.

Using natural light can prove to be difficult in a store or mall, but it will reflect more accurately on how the foundation really looks on your skin.

It’s also important for you to have a clean face when you’re experimenting with different foundation shades.

Foundation & Your Skin Tones

Tip #13 : Fair Skin Tones: Skin that is slightly translucent (having visible veins), pale, or sunburns easily is considered to be fair. The ideal shades of foundation for fair skin tones are ones that have pink or beige undertones.

Tip #14 : Olive Skin Tones: Foundations with beige, green, or yellow tones work well with Asian and olive skin tones. Powders that have peachy or pink bases warm up skin that looks unhealthy or pale.

Tip #15 : Medium Skin Tones: Neutral, beige, gold, and earth tone shades of foundation wear well on Latina or medium skin tones. If you’re using powder, the powder should still be in the neutral earth tones; you might also consider using translucent powder to set the foundation.

Tip #16 : Dark Skin Tones: Mango or banana-toned powder will warm up darker skin tones. It’s worth mentioning that when cool colors are used on darker tones, the skin can turn out ashy so avoid these. Also keep in mind that it might be necessary to use two different shades of foundation if you have two different skin tones. Luckily, some foundations are available with two colors for easy blending.

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  • If you have problems with dark circles under your eyes, concealer needs to be applied before foundation. If you are looking to cover up acne, the concealer can be applied after the foundation.
  • There are makeup brushes specifically made for the application of concealer; however, they aren’t a must-have item. All you need for application is a q-tip, or even a finger will work fine when applying the concealer to acne. It’s important to be precise about applying the concealer directly onto the pimple, and not just the general area where you have a lot of breakouts.
  • It’s important to know there are concealers that offer medication to treat acne, as well as cover the pimples up. It is also worth mentioning the idea of using foundation that offers strong coverage so you won’t leave your skin looking cakey.
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30 beauty tips for teenage girls
30 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know
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