30 Beauty Tips Every Teenage Girl Should Know

Fingernails, Toenails & Your Hair!

It may seem weird to hear that people judge others by their hands, but it is true. When you meet someone for the first time and shake their hand, it’s the first thing that they notice about you. This being the case, having dirty hands isn’t cool, so find out ways to keep your nails looking fresh and clean.

  • Never bite your fingernails! The reason why is because prolonged fingernail biting causes the nail to become misshaped and curved.
  • Use a nail file properly, and always go in the same direction when you are filing your nails. By doing a sawing motion on your nails, you’re creating small tears in your nails that will eventually make them break off.
  • Push your cuticle up toward your skin daily to keep your nails from looking shaggy. This is easiest when your fingers are wet, thus making the ideal time right after you get out of the shower.
  • Keep your nails at a safe length that you’re comfortable with by using nail clippers. When you’re trimming your nails, don’t try to clip the nail in one cut. Use multiple cuts until the nail is trimmed so that you get a nice shape.

Beautiful Hair

When it comes to beauty tips for hair, there is a simple truth you need to accept – not every day is a good hair day, but there are ways to make most days good, while also skipping out on the hot blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons (damaging to the hair).

There are also easy hairdos that only take 5 minutes or less, but look like they took an hour to do like braids, buns and half-up-dos. One more thing worth adding is that there ways to make your hair smell good without using expensive hair products and shampoo. Now that we’ve covered all of this, here are a couple of good hair care tips for girls.

  • Create a chic pony tail by using an anti-frizz cream in curly hair, or curling cream in straight hair. Then tease your hair at the crown, and follow up by pulling the hair into a low ponytail. Leave a section of hair out on one side that is about a half inch wide, and use a clear ponytail holder to secure the ponytail. Use the hair you left out to wrap around the ponytail, and then hold the hair in place with a bobby pin.
  • Spray your favorite body spray or perfume onto your bristle brush, and comb your hair immediately afterward to make your hair smell fresh all day. If you have matching lotion, rub a little in your hands, and then put the excess lotion on your strands. This takes care of static, and gives your hair a delightful scent.
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30 beauty tips for teenage girls
30 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know
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