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SkinCareRx Review

With all this talk about beauty websites, we thought we’d say a few words about one of the leading names on that market – SkinCareRx. This online store is a relatively old one, yet they’ve survived until now – and in today’s harsh times, this says a lot. According to them, it comes from their high regard for customer service – from out point of view, it’s their ability to maintain a balanced pricing scheme.

Product Selection and Prices

At SkinCareRx, you’ll find a good selection of skin care products, mainly creams and lotions. There are many reputable brands featured, and the store frequently promotes brands that have recently come out on the market and need more popularity. Furthermore, you’ll regularly find free sample offers as well as other nifty promotions, just looking at the front page. The care for their customers’ satisfaction seems very impressive.

Prices are really good, most of them feel rather low for the products that were offered. One thing we noticed was that you could almost always find one promotion or another which gives you access to a completely free sample of a given product. This way, you could keep trying all sorts of things until you’ve found one that you like and would feel fine buying.

Design and Navigation

The site’s design is very clean, very streamlined – they’ve taken a great deal of consideration to develop a strong community integration, by linking their main page to their Facebook profile and other similar acts. You can very easily find the current hot promotions, and you’ll actually be constantly asked if you’re interested in participating in various offers. If bargains are what you enjoy, you’re going to have quite a blast here.

The website is also very pleasant to look at, if a bit too simplistic at times – we can’t blame the designers though, the final product still manages to stand out from the rest and makes the website unique and instantly recognizable. And if it works well too, then we can’t really say anything bad about it.

Ordering and Customer Support

You’re taken to the checkout page very quickly after deciding on your purchase, considerably quicker than we’ve seen in other websites. You’ll instantly be presented with a list of possible shipment options you can apply for, and you’ll be told if you’re eligible for any free shipping deals. Also, you can easily cancel your order after you’ve made it – something which is a rarity in this type of store nowadays.

Their support was good, the store offers a section dedicated to getting help from certified specialists. If you want some more advanced tips on what to buy, this is definitely the place for you.

Final Thoughts

While you may not have heard of it until now, this store can very easily become one of your primary shopping outlets. With all their crazy deals and great customer service, you really have nothing to lose shopping there on a regular basis!


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