Habits That Cause Skin Aging

Most people have a good idea about what things they should avoid to keep their body healthy, and their skin looking youthful.

However, there could be a few habits you practice daily without a second thought that are causing you to age rapidly. Fortunately, the dreaded problem of premature aging is easily avoided if you know what to watch out for.

So read ahead to learn what lifestyle habits can cause your skin to age more rapidly.

Tobacco Use

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Inhaling cigarette smoke either directly or indirectly can health problems and age your skin. Smokers and those who associate with smokers will slowly see their amount of wrinkles increase, and their skin will become dry. Also, when you put a cigarette up to your mouth to inhale smoke, you are piercing your lips, and repeating this motion hundreds of times a day, which will create lines and wrinkles on your face. The smoke will also drain your Vitamin C, which is a crucial vitamin for healthy, supple skin.

The opinion of many scientists is that sun exposure and smoking hold the same amount of risk when you’re exposed to either one in large amounts. So even if you aren’t the one smoking, but you’re in a group that does smoke, you’re still putting yourself in harm’s way. It is important to mention that there are many more harmful effects of smoking on skin.

Exposure to the Sun

There is a reason cosmetic companies are adding SPF in nearly every beauty product these days. And the reason is that the sun is damaging, and can cause wrinkles, sun spots, dry skin, sagging skin, leathery appearance and cancer. Even if you haven’t been very careful in the past, you may be able to reverse the appearance of sun damage to the skin by consulting a physician, and determining how damaged your skin so you can correct the problem.

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It’s worth mentioning that only using products containing SPF isn’t protecting you fully from the sun’s rays. So you should always use a sunscreen that fights against UVA and UVB rays – this is something that holds true even on cloudy days.

Not Exercising

If your job requires you to sit at a desk or stand in one area for long periods of time, then you’re not getting the exercise needed to remove toxins from your body. Sweating induced by exercise will increase blood flow, tone muscles and also burn calories, thus giving you a slimmer waist. It will also allow toxins to leave your body instead of remaining sedentary inside of you.

You may also find it interesting to know that a sedentary lifestyle in older adults will increase odds of suffering from dementia. Lastly, keep in mind that exercise is an instant mood-booster, so by feeling better and more confident, you will also appear younger.

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