Hairstyling Tips for Short Hair

Going short is becoming popular these days, but once you’ve chopped all of your hair off, what do you do with it? If you have the basic hair tools like a straightener, a curling iron, a blow-dryer, mousse, hairspray and anti-frizz serum, you’re off to a good start already. But even with the right tools, it can be challenging to pull off a short hair style no matter how easy the women on TV make it look. Since you don’t have a team of stylists following you around, you need to take matters into your own hands.

This being said, here are some hair styling tips use can use when styling your short hair.

1. Choose the Right Shape

Example of a short hairstyle

The first thing to think about when getting a short hair style is the shape you want to have. There are a variety of short hair styles to choose from, and you should talk to a stylist about what would look good on you before taking the scissors to your strands. Take into consideration your face shape, face size, and hair type to avoid getting a hair style that is totally wrong for you.

For example:
You shouldn’t get a pixie cut if you have a long face because you’ll look too much like a boy! And remember: unlike a new blow-dryer, you can’t return the haircut you’ve purchased.

2. Body and Lift

The blow-dryer is one of the most versatile tools for adding body and lift to short hair, but not everyone knows how to use it. Just by using a round brush in combination with a blow-dryer, you are able to achieve more body and lift. A round thermal brush will give you the same look, but is sometimes troublesome if you get it stuck in your hair.

Use products designed to give more body, in combination with your blow-dryer and fingers to create a messy, but classy just-woke-up look.

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3. Volume and Texture

For more volume and texture, dry your hair; when it is about half-dry, apply a dime-sized amount of styling gel, balm, or mousse to your hair. Work the product through starting underneath the hair, and begin blow drying using your fingers to tousle, lift, and tease your hair (or use a finger diffuser attachment on your dryer).

To get more fullness, section off small parts of your hair and blow dry your hair working from the tips up to the roots. To make the style more put-together, try using a curling iron to touch up the tips, and then add styling paste to add texture.

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