Heatless Hairstyles To Create Beautiful Look

The Perfect Bun

This heatless hairstyle will require a “bun former”, which is also known as the doughnut ring, bun shaper or bun ring.

You can make your own bun former by using a long sock and scissors.

  1. Cut the toe section off of the sock so that you can put your arm through it; this is similar to a leg warmer.
  2. Then you roll it into a doughnut shape to finish off the bun former.
  3. Next, comb through your hair and then put it into a ponytail using a hair elastic; then pull your hair through the middle of the bun former.
  4. Holding the bun former at the end of your ponytail, roll your hair around the doughnut to complete the look.
  1. Another option is to secure a ponytail, and then pull your hair through the doughnut.
  2. Once you’ve completed this step, split your ponytail into two sections.  Use a clip to hold the section you’re not working with out of your way.
  3. Take a small section of hair and fold it over the doughnut to secure the hair with a bobby pin.
  4. Repeat the process until all of your hair has been folded and secured with bobby pins.
  5. You may have hair sticking out when you’re done; to hide them use bobby pins to tuck the strands under the bun.

Make sure the bun former isn’t showing through your hair; if it is then rearrange your hair so that it is fully covered. Spray with hair spray, and you’re ready to face the world.

Once again, using heatless hairstyle looks is a great way to save yourself some time during those busy days. Perhaps more importantly, not using heated tools is an excellent way to keep hair looking healthy and vibrant throughout the day. Plus it’s just fun to learn and use these methods for other means of styling your hair!

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Heatless hairstyles are popular these days so why not give them a try!?

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