How to Bleach Hair at Home with Benzoyl Peroxide

Step by Step Guide

How to Bleach Your Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide
  1. Clean and Untangle
    Before you begin applying the hydrogen peroxide solution, make sure your hair has been shampooed, combed, and you’ve completed a strand test. It’s important to untangle any knots in your locks before the bleaching process. For the best results, use a large-toothed pick or comb to run through your hair after shampooing; your hair should be wet for the peroxide application.
  2. Prepare the Solution
    Slip your gloves on, and fill your clean spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. If you’d like to give yourself highlights, pour some of the solution into a bowl, and use a cotton ball to apply it to your strands.
  3. Begin the Process
    Part your hair into small sections, and begin spraying the peroxide onto hair before it dries. You will save yourself a lot of frustration by starting on the back of your head, and then moving toward the face. Avoid spraying the solution directly on the scalp to keep any chances of skin irritation from happening.
  4. Cover Up
    After you’ve covered your locks with the hydrogen peroxide solution, comb your hair and use a shower cap to cover up; if you don’t have a shower cap, you can use a plastic bag. Make sure the plastic bag is secure on your head.
  5. Set the Timer
    When you bleach your hair, you’re putting it at risk. So remember that the longer you leave the peroxide solution on, the worse the damage could get. Also, note that washing your hair immediately after applying the peroxide isn’t good because you’re not allowing the color to oxidize. The suggested time to leave hydrogen peroxide on your hair is 15 to 20 minutes; however, the results will be minimal. You can choose to leave the solution on longer, but just keep in mind the health of your hair.
  6. Rinse It Out
    When the timer goes off for the amount of time you’ve chosen, rinse it with cool-to-lukewarm water. Using too hot of water can damage hair even more, while cool water will give you shiny look. If you’re having trouble getting the peroxide out of your hair, use a mild shampoo.
  7. Use Deep Conditioner
    Just like using a box of a dye, it is important to replenish the moisture in your hair after bleaching it. Use a deep conditioning treatment, and leave the conditioner in for 2-3 minutes. It’s important to use a deep conditioner and not the regular conditioner you use daily for the best result. It is likely that your hair will not show results right away, and you will need to repeat the process again to get a more prominent blonde color. In most cases, someone with black hair will need to use a bleaching technique, and then use a dyeing system for a blonde color.
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Other Options

You can purchase bleaching kits at your local beauty supply store with pre-measured ingredients and fully disclosed instructions for you to follow. But the main problem with bleaching kits is, for dark or long hair past the shoulders, you will need more than one box; possibly 3 boxes. And while this can become pricey, it might be necessary.

One thing that you should definitely avoid in terms of products is household cleaning solutions such as Clorox because they’re unsafe and dangerous to use. This stuff causes extreme damage to hair and skin, and it’s not suggested in any situation. You should certainly check safe & natural hair dyes.

Hair Products for Your Bleached Hair

Once you’ve finished bleaching process, you will need to use products for color-treated hair. Nearly every brand produces shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners for color-treated hair, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Some of the more expensive ones are by Redken, but cheaper ones by Aussie work just as well.

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