Neroli Essential Oil: Uses & Benefits

How to Use

Unlike some essential oils Neroli is non-toxic, making it easier to use than other oils. Of course, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t still know the proper methods for using it.

If you’re looking to use Neroli in aromatherapy when treating depression, or you want to use it to make your house smell better, add several drops of this oil into a vaporizer. Since Neroli is a middle note, it might take slightly less longer than a top note to start working, but a few minutes is definitely worth the wait.

You can get the beauty benefits of the oil by adding a couple of drops to your different skin creams. Just by applying skin cream with Neroli once or twice a day, your skin will appear healthier and more youthful-looking in no time!

One more common way to use it is to add a few drops to water or any other beverage, then drink it. But even with Neroli being non-toxic, you want to be careful with this method since you’re only supposed to digest essential oils if a licensed doctor recommends doing so.

Where to Buy

Most stores that sell the oil are honest about the products they offer, so you can buy with confidence. Even with this being said, you should know a thing or two about buying Neroli essential oils, beginning with the appearance (covered earlier).

Another thing to do when buying Neroli essential oils is to look at the prices and make sure that the company isn’t pricing Neroli at the same price as their other products. Non-diluted oils are pretty expensive, and they are considered one of the best essential oils. So they should not be priced the same as every other essential oil.

If you’ve already purchased it, you should test the oil out to make sure it’s not diluted. The best way to do this is by putting a small drop or two of the Neroli on a piece of paper. If the oil leaves behind greasy, oily stains, it may have been diluted with less expensive oils. In turn, this should tip you off to not buy from this company again.

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Above all, as long as you make sure that the company you’re buying from is reputable, you shouldn’t have much trouble purchasing good quality product.

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